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Angela Emmerson is an Integrative Counsellor and a Human Givens Psychotherapist specialising in working with individuals, with families, children and young people.


Supporting young people and families experiencing life challenges, family breakdown, stress and anxiety is an area of specialism, Angela will help you and your family to improve self-esteem and concentration, reduce anxiety and angry outbursts, to stop self-harming and obsessive compulsive disorders, and help you to achieve a more harmonious household.


Angela is currently working with families in the Suffolk area experiencing some of the challenges mentioned above, to maintain and improve relationships between children, young people, parents, step parents and partners.


Angela also provides couple counselling to support you and your partner to remain together, and mediation for separating or divorcing couples, to reduce the financial burden when you are ready to move on, at the end of this process I can write reports for you to help you and your partner reach an amicable conclusion, to bring clarity, reduce anxiety and in these financially challenging times to reduce the cost of divorce and separation.


Angela Emmerson HG Dip.P MHGI


Mob: 07597 668871


Email: angela_emmerson@yahoo.co.uk


All members of the Ipswich Human Givens team are Members of the Human Givens Institute and work in accordance with their code of ethics and good practice.




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