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I know you’ll vote. But please lean on your friends and family to vote too. Put it at the top of your list of jobs for the day. #Remain

When our Members buy selected Co-op branded products, 1% goes to local causes in their community #ItsWhatWeDo T&Cs apply

So disappointing that Corbyn can’t say he’s in favour of free movement

@TheGreenParty proudly celebrates the contribution that free movement has made to our society & communities - the precious gift of being able to travel & study & live & love in 27 other countries


Voting makes a difference. No matter how bored you are over Brexit, go out and vote. Any vote for Farage on Thursday won’t be seen by him as a protest but as support for his brand of far-right U.K. politics. The more votes against him, the greater the chance of stopping him.

Lord Heseltine explains in today's @thesundaytimes why he will be voting against the Conservatives for the first time in his life.

Pledge your support for a #PeoplesVote party:

I’m sitting in crowded A&E with my kid, who seems to have appendicitis, marvelling at how patient & kind the staff are in spite of the heavy pressures on them. True, it’s best not to get ill at weekends, but thank God for the NHS - creaking, bureaucratic but excellent.

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