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If we want to close the skills gap and improve social mobility we have to celebrate young people who achieve skills that aren’t purely academic, just as much as we celebrate traditional academic achievers. My interview about why.....

Friday night Chippy tea!
It’s got to be Steak pudding chips, peas & gravy!
Living the dream!

We are so lucky with the weather although it was a little damp this morning on our Nordic walk. Beautiful coloured leaves to walk through and not too muddy ( yet ) . All 23 walkers felt really good to be out enjoying the benefits of Nordic walking. PB

David Davis was a terrible #Brexit Secretary. He could hardly be bothered to go to Brussels & rapidly lost respect there. Preposterous for him now to suggest that EU deliberately delayed negotiations. They spent months waiting for him to engage..

The refugee marchers disappear from the news just as the midterms vote is over. Note how the Syrian refugee crisis, and looming threats of marauding invaders, disappeared after the Brexit vote?

Information warfare.

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