Testimonials from clients who were asked the question - During the therapy what stood out as being of particular use to you?


Client A (Male) Presenting Issue: Breakdown of marriage and work related stress

'The relaxation techniques and Guided imagery were of huge benefit. Learning to focus on the positives in my life also helped me to change. Also, the relaxing manner of the counsellor were of great help'. 4 sessions


Client B (Female) Presenting Issue: Self Harming 15yr old Daughter

'Taking time to listen and teaching me coping strategies. Working with us as a family to discuss and work on improving our relationships. Listening to my daughter and helping her to get her needs met'. 8 sessions


Client C (Female) Presenting Issue: Sexual Abuse and Relationship difficulties:

'I felt that Angela was able to listen attentively and was able to offer very constructive advice. The relaxation techniques were lovely. It's nice that the sessions finished in a calm way, without the abrupt ending that timed sessions give'. 10 sessions


Woman suffering from trauma after being attacked by dogs.

Normally I would have frozen to the spot so I couldn't believe my response, it has made a big difference."


Young man who was self harming and had been diagnosed with clinical depression:

"Things are much better now, I'm getting on with my life and enjoying it."


Mother of client with flying phobia.

"My daughter overcame her fear of flying and flew to Italy the following week."


Positive thoughts aren't better than negative ones.

E.g if you're drunk and think 'I'm totally fine, I can drive', that's a positive thought but unhelpful. Negative thinking would be safer.

So, consider if your thoughts are helpful or unhelpful rather than positive or negative

Well Glasgow it was an absolute pleasure. Went on tour with the mobile library, gave out books to Clydebank High pupils, a cooking workshop at Centre 81, a talk with more school pupils, two STV interviews, a short film, ate several donuts and I want to come back already. Thanks♥️

If you had to choose between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn as your preferred option as Prime Minister, who would you choose?

Hey @NeilFlochMD, working through my own theoretical model on obesity at the moment. As well as your 4 factors (individual physiology, psychology, food and PA), should we not also be accounting for sleep deprivation, chronically elevated stress, social networks' habits?
#obesity https://t.co/vmYGnVh1ac


We often underestimate just how much of a powerful impact walking can have on our health - both physical and mental.

How many of you feel better, more creative, less stressed after a walk?

Episode 84 with @smomara1 🎙️ ️https://t.co/4rd2c6W4ee

Dominic "Nobody gives a toss about... social media" Raab blocked me on social media for this little film of him saying actual words. https://t.co/bK3q24JmJx

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