Human Capital Risk Management, Workplace Emotional Well-being, Organisational Learning & Development, Therapeutic Services


Human Needs Resources


Human Needs Resources provide well-being science training and therapeutic interventions for businesses and organisations who wish to invest in people and human capital resources, whether staff or customers.


We aim to enable your organisation to absorb knowledge and ideas which will equip you to manage the well-being of people independently, and respond to human needs in the context of a rapidly changing climate.


To achieve this, we seek to work in collaborative partnership and design our work in response to your needs. However, if you wish capture the flavour of the unique work that we do, you can arrange for the in-house delivery of our stand-alone workshops. Details of the kinds of workshops we provide can be found below.


Human Needs Resources are able to share a unique body of knowledge from the emerging field of well-being science. Informed by psychology, biology and the social sciences, our approach has been developed and tested in a diverse range of settings; education & training, counselling & psychotherapy, business coaching & development, health & social care design, armed forces welfare, mental health service provision, and prison and substance misuse services.


Whether you are an established or new business, or a statutory or voluntary sector body, we invite you to join other forward thinking organisations in making cutting edge ideas and practice the driving force behind the way you work today and in the future.


What we do


-We promote clear-thinking, communication and creative problem solving

-We ask challenging questions to help you review practices and processes which may be harming your organisation

-We only work with science based knowledge of human behaviour and emotional well-being

-We will share insights with you which form a coherent organising idea, rather than unrelated ‘wisdom’s’ that are not supported by evidence

-We provide measurement tools and skills which can be implemented the following working day

-We provide high-quality training for professionals of all levels of experience

-We provide the highest quality therapeutic interventions available, to help people back to work and to address the issues which are preventing them from meeting their potential


What we don’t do


-We don’t tell people what they want to hear just to secure business or make them ‘feel good’

-We don’t use ‘psycho-babble’ or unnecessary jargon

-We don’t use piecemeal ideas gleaned from random sources

-We don’t use methods or advocate ideas which raise unrealistic expectations

-We don’t confuse being stretched – learning to be more competent – with being stressed, which eventually leads to poor performance, health and well-being

-Although we are enthusiastic about human well-being, we are not business ‘gurus’ or motivational speakers who arouse the emotions of their clients and then leave them to burn out


The Science of Workplace Well-being



-Optimised individual and organisation wide emotional health and well-being

-Ownership of evidence based knowledge and new insights which promote sustainable business growth, change, motivation and effectiveness

-A strong foundation to build and protect your business in an uncertain economic climate

-Minimized risk to your human capital by securing stability and the development of a dynamic, thriving workforce in challenging times


Vital for:

-All staff organisation wide, whether operating front-line services or as a stepping stone to advanced studies of the science of workplace well-being


Customer Focused Skills



-Scientific insight into effective communication and customer care

-Optimised service through understanding customer needs and how to meet them

-How to give them the best service they have ever had – and make sure they come back again!

-Maximise workforce confidence, flexibility and quality focus on roles and responsibilities

-Value and retention of high performing employees through investing in their potential


Vital for:

-All staff organisation wide, whether operating front-line services or as a stepping stone to advanced studies of the science of workplace well-being


HR Super Users



-Understanding of a unique process framework which informs all effective interventions and builds confidence

-Strategies which address sickness absence and the hidden cost of sickness presence

-Knowledge and skills to reverse entrenched patterns of behaviour and support the return to work of employees quickly and efficiently

-Science based knowledge of how and what to measure when evaluating workplace well-being and performance

-Effective communication of HR needs and priorities across your organisation


Vital for:

-All HR Practitioners, Learning Development professionals and those who work closely with Human Resources


Optimising the Working Environment



-Higher and more secure levels of profitability in volatile environments

-Maximised operational effectiveness

-Connection between your organisations creative talents and customer needs

-A business environment which enhances human creativity and learning

-Profit by nurturing fundamental human and natural relationships

-Knowledge of how metaphors shape the way your organisation operates


Vital for:

-CEOs, Company Directors, HR Professionals, Project Managers, Senior Management


Specialist Interventions


Because of the way we work, clients are often surprised at just how quickly we are able achieve the outstanding results we do. HNR attribute our success to the unique body of knowledge and skills we employ to meet your needs.


Counselling & Psychotherapy


Available in blocks of 6 one-to-one sessions, HNR counselling and psychotherapy services address psychological problems quickly and effectively, whether work related, the result of accident or injury or stemming from client’s personal history. HNR also provide valuable feedback and reports to employers while protecting employee confidentiality.




Wherever you are in your career, HNR Coaching services work in collaboration with clients to overcome barriers to progress, plan personal and organisational changes and ensure that you are succeeding in life and achieving your full potential.


Summary of Services


To find out more please contact the Therapy Needs Met team now.