Depression is a human vulnerability, to be deeply depressed is an awful feeling and anyone at any time may find themselves having feelings of depression.


You may hear people using the term 'depression' when they have feelings of sadness, loss or are feeling miserable, most people will have these feelings at some time in their lives and will recover when life gets back to normal but for others it may be that they need help and guidance to find their way out of their depressive state.


Depression may be caused by life events, loss or bereavement, anger and feelings of helplessness, physical conditions or hormones, drugs or alcohol.


Signs and symptoms of depression may include sleep disturbance, tearfulness, loss of appetite, fatigue, irritability and anger, worrying, aches and pains, a lack of interest in others and feelings of isolation.


We can help you to sleep better, to learn to think differently about your issues in order to get your needs met and start to enjoy life again, please contact the Ipswich Human Givens team.


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