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Ipswich Family Counselling SuffolkWithin your own home – Family Dynamics 5 week programme


This unique and personal service is Fast, Effective and Long lasting in meeting your needs and the needs of your family, regardless of your challenges. This programme has the flexibility to guide you in achieving the family harmony that all parents seek.


Family Dynamic 5 week programme is designed to be personal and specific to you. It will give you the skills to Nurture you children, Nurture relationships and to Nurture yourself.


Our highly skilled and fully qualified family therapists will work closely with you at your home, and in the strictest of confidence, to enable you to reach your family’s goals through positive parenting.


Subjects covered:


Week One:

Initial meeting and assessments; these assessments will provide the building blocks for the programme to be developed and put into action with immediate effect. From the initial meeting we will enable you to understand Family Dynamics, gender differences, developmental stages and the brain/body connection giving you a greater understanding of relationships and human behaviour.


Week two:

Difficult feelings and how to handle them; understanding what causes difficult feelings, anger, stress, anxiety, low mood and keeping safe; helping children to grow up through the various ages and stages of development to avoid undue stress and promote confidence. Which ensures our family journey will be one of mutual respect promote family support, is fun and effective, and one that supports your children to reach their full potential through the different ages and stages of their development.


Week Three:

The tool kit; adding to your tool kit, depending on your specific areas of need we will equip you with additional tools and strategies to promote responsibility and create situations of positive reinforcement, giving back appropriate responsibility to the children and taking the stress out of situations this is truly a life skill that will serve them well, at all ages and stages of development.


Week Four:

Choices and consequences and personal autonomy; recognizing how giving choices and being aware of consequences in the developmental stages of life equip us to be better more balanced human beings, promoting confidence and high self-esteem which allows us to reach our full potential, encouraging quality in life and positive family time.


Week Five:

What’s working well for you and your family building on the progress so far? We have the opportunity at this stage to review the programme and put into place a maintenance programme that will encourage the long lasting benefits of this programme for you and your family.

Should you or your family be experiencing personal life challenges that need one to one support, which may be identified during or after the programme, then Family Dynamics has the professional resources available to offer you the effective interventions necessary that is effective and confidential.


Parenting Course (Coaching) Parents


Parenting is one of society’s acceptances of the norm, we often forget that it is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs, mostly without pay, pension and defiantly not a lot of thanks; however it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of parent’s lives. To enable all family member to reach their full potential in a happy, relaxed and fun way in an ever evolving and busy world we need to take a fresh approach that is fast, effective and long lasting, hence the evolvement of FAMILY DYNAMICS.


Coaching parents on one to one bases prior to and after Family Dynamic builds trust, confidence and reduces anxiety about accessing Family Dynamic Programmes and promotes positive outcomes. As such this this unique approach to family support, prior to engaging in our programmes enables mums and dads to identify any past or present issues that may hinder their ability to take on new and effective knowledge and to use it effectively with immediate effect to nurture their children, their relationships and themselves, regardless of the problems they present with.


Some of the life challenges often presented may include illness, lack of parenting knowledge, Trauma, Stress related issues, Anxiety, Sleep deprivation or Depression for example.


There are three main areas of concern that may prevent or hinder positive outcomes/parenting:


Environment: Where the person lives or works in is toxic and prevents them from meeting their needs or the needs of their children


-Having endure an abusive or dysfunctional family

-Living in a threaten neighbourhood

-Working for a bully


The misuse of their innate resources: which include, our ability to learn new knowledge, the ability to build rapport empathise and connect with others, effective use of their imagination to focus attention away from emotions and problem solve and their ability to access their conscious rational mind that can check out their emotions, question, analyse and plan.


-Learnt helplessness, when someone is conditioned to have low expectation if themselves

-Misuse of their imagination by constantly worrying about past events, which precipitates depression and anxiety, instead of problem solving


Damage innate resources: can be a result of:

-Faulty transmission of genetic knowledge as in Autism or Asperger’s and other psychological diagnosis

-Poor diet: not getting the right nutrition to the brain

-Posing from drugs or alcohol abuse etc.

-Physical accident or psychological trauma (including PTSD)


This new and dynamic approach enables the support team/coach not only to identify personal or family issues that may hinder positive progress, but also to identify environmental factors which or all too often ignored or simply not taken in to account when expectations of change is paramount, hence all too often family return to old habits after accessing family or personal coaching.


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